ICCOS Americas 2009


  • 2008 Retailer Survey "The Cost of Collection", by Anne Walters, British Retail Consortium
  • What is Happening to Currency Fitness Standards?, by Roland Costa, Federal Reserve System Currency Technology Office
  • Transformation of Cash Processing, by Curtis Hallowell, Cummins-Allison Corp.
  • Smart Safes and the On-Site Retail Banking Solution, by Matthew Snow, Regions Financial Corp. and John Rhoads, Loomis
  • Outsourcing Cash Vault Services - How to Leverage Existing Relationships, by Maureen Saygers, JPMorgan Chase
  • Security Solutions, by Alan Hepker, Sarobant Security Inc. and Anthony Hepker, High End Security Solutions
  • Compliance Challenges with a Global Currency, by Jeffrey Pruiksma, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Is Cashless the Answer to a Less Cash Society?, by Hamlet Ambarsoom, Giesecke & Devrient
  • Global Payment Study Project, by Eugenie E. Foster, International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA)
  • Cash Processing Efficiency through Correspondent Bank Solutions, by William Wasco, KeyBank
  • The Cashless Society......Especially Not Now!, by Mike Bowen, G4S
  • Measuring up for Success in Business Today, by Jamie Cockerell, De La Rue
  • A Central Bank's View of Currency Fitness in an Outsourced World, by Lisa Elliott, Bank of Canada
  • Understanding the Challenges and Costs of Currency Movement in the U.S., by Tina Tuccillo, Glory
  • The Effects of the Financial Turmoil on Currency Demand, by Michael Lambert, The Federal Reserve Board
  • The Effects of the Current Financial Situation on an Island Economy, by Cindy Scotland, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
  • Emerging Strategies for Effective Self-Service and Cash Automation, by Saul Caprio, Wincor Nixdorf
  • Understanding costs in the cash cycle is critical - Reducing the costs even more so!, by William Aubrey Chapman, Currency Research
  • Panel Discussion: The Effects of the Economic Crisis on Your Cash Automation Efforts, panelists: Karen Morgan, PNC Bank; Darren Langton, Loomis; William A. Chapman, Currency Research; facilitator: Astrid Mitchell, Currency News

Sponsor Breakout Meetings

  • Cash & Ticket Processing Efficiencies: Doing More With Less, by Cummins-Allison
  • Improving your Profit Margin by Maximising the Impact of Industry Best Practise, by De La Rue
  • Deposit Automation: Retail and Bank Branch, by Giesecke & Devrient
  • Exploring the Incremental Value Proposition Delivered by Recyclers in a Retail Environment, by NCR
  • Back to core banking: managing your cash - Make no mistake, this is not about forecasting!, by Transoft International Inc.
  • Cash Cycle Management - A Holistic Approach for Cash Reductions in the Cash Cycle, by Wincor Nixdorf
  • Self-Service Coin Trends & Profit Opportunities, by Cummins-Allison
  • Cash Inventory Management: Gaming and Non-gaming Revenues, by Giesecke & Devrient
  • Currency Management Cycle in the Gaming Industry, by Glory
  • Using Data Visualization Technology to Find New Vault Efficiencies, by NamSys, Inc.
  • High-speed Currency Processing - Offering Clearly Different Alternatives, by Non Linear Concepts, Inc.
  • Retail "Best Practice" Solutions in Cash Movement, by Glory
  • The Role of the Retailer and the Processor in Maintaining Note Quality and Supporting the Activities of the Central Bank, by Intelligent Currency Solutions
  • Outsourcing Cash Vault Services, by Glory
  • Automate & Accelerate: Setting the Course for Branch AND STORE Transformation, by Wincor Nixdorf
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